P-Q. Section 14/ Environment and Safety

P. Fire evacuation drills

1. Fire evacuation drills must be conducted at least once a month for all Children and Adults present using at least two (2) means of exit. A record of all fire evacuation drills must be maintained as provided for in section 5 of this Rule.

2. Fire drills must be conducted according to policies and procedures that are posted in each room utilized by Children.

*Tip: It doesn’t have to be an exit map, it could be a posting of fire drill procedures (i.e. the steps that are to be taken during a fire evacuation). Either is acceptable. It is considered best practice to have a plan of your house with all exits and exit routes marked posted within your space(s) that children use. Marking where the posted position is. It is a quicker reference should a home need to be evacuated.

3. Smoke detectors must be used, when possible, to execute the fire drills.

Q. Emergency preparedness plan. Providers must have a written emergency preparedness plan in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or other threatening situation that may pose a health or safety hazard to the Children. Providers and Staff Members must review the emergency preparedness plan annually and update as needed. Providers must retain the updated copy of the plan for evacuation and provide details of the emergency relocation procedures to each Parent or Legal Guardian of the Child at the time of the Child’s enrollment with the Provider and whenever the plan is updated.

The rule does not require the emergency preparedness plan to be posted but does require providing details to parent/legal guardians of children when enrolled and every time the plan is modified or updated.

1. The plan must provide for the following:

a. Evacuation, including a designated relocation site and evacuation route;

b. Lockdown of the residence and/or shelter-in-place;

c. Procedures for notifying Parents/Legal Guardians;

d. Procedures to address the needs of individual Children including Children with special needs;

e. Coordination with local emergency management officials; and

f. Guidelines for the continuation of Child care in the period following the emergency or disaster.

** Emergency Preparedness Plan – This PLC folder contains templates to cover a variety of options for your EPP. The Y.I.K.E.S. Planning Guide is also in the folder. *Reminder that the Y.I.K.E.S. Planning Guide is not an EPP, but is composed of questions to help you develop your EPP.

2. (NEW) The Provider must conduct an evacuation drill at least twice a year and the dates must be recorded and be available for review.

3. All Staff Members must be trained in and familiar with the emergency preparedness plan.

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