A. Rights of Children. Children receiving Child care from Child Care Facilities have the following rights.

  1. Children must be free from emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  2. Each Child has the right to freedom from harmful actions or practices that are detrimental to the Child’s welfare, and to practices that are potentially harmful to the Child.
  3. Each Child has a right to an environment that meets the health and safety standards in this rule.
  4. Each Child must be provided Child care services without discrimination to race, age, national origin, religion, disability, sex or family composition.
  5. Children must be treated with dignity, consideration and respect in full recognition of their individuality. This includes the use of developmentally appropriate practices by the Child Care Facility.
  6. Each Child has the right to the implementation of any plan of service that has been developed for that Child in conjunction with community or state agencies by the Child Care Facility.
  7. Each Child has the right to Developmentally Appropriate activities, materials, and equipment.
  8. Children with disabilities have the right to reasonable modifications to Child Care Facility policies and practices.

B. Rights of parents and legal guardians of Children receiving Child care from Child Care Facilities.

  1. A Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian must be fully informed of items or services which are included in the rate they pay for Child care services.
  2. A Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian has the right to be fully informed of findings of the most recent inspection conducted by the Department. The Child Care Facility must inform Children’s Parents or Legal Guardians that the licensing inspection results are public information and inspection results must be posted in a prominent place on the Premises.
  3. Parents or Legal Guardians must be notified by the Child Care Facility within two business days of any actions taken against the Child Care Facility by the Department, including but not limited to, decisions to issue conditional Licenses, refusal to renew a License, or to impose fines or other sanctions.