A. Additional rules for school-age Child Care Facilities. In addition to the preceding rules, School-Age Child Care Facilities must comply with this section. School-Age Child Care Facilities include (A) facilities licensed for thirteen (13) or more that include a School-Age Childcare Program, and (B) facilities licensed for twelve (12) or fewer that serve school-age Children exclusively.

  1. There must be space, activities and equipment for group and individual activity;
  2. Planned activities must reflect an awareness of the social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of older Children; and
  3. The facility must allow time for individual self-directed activity.
  4. School -age Child Care Facilities located in public school buildings, as defined by and approved by the Department of Education, shall be exempt from the following rules:
    a. Sections 2(A)(6)(a), 2(C)(7), and 2(C)(8) regarding code compliance;
    b. Section 7(C)(3)(b) regarding the requirement to have two staff people present;
    c. Section 14(A)(1-2) regarding stairs;
    d. Section 14(D) regarding carbon monoxide detectors; and
    e. Section 14(F)(2)(b) regarding screens.

B. Occasional Care Programs. Additional rules for Occasional Care Programs: In addition to the preceding rules, Child Care Facilities providing Occasional Care must comply with this section

  1. The facility must have a written procedure to ensure that a Child is discharged only to the person who enrolls the Child or to another individual authorized by the parent or guardian who enrolls that Child.
  2. The program must have a means of identifying each Child while in care, by a nametag or other method.
  3. The program may only administer rescue medications to Children in care, and only when the criteria in Section 12(H)(1) are met.
  4. Occasional Care Programs are exempt from the following:
    a. Section 5(D)(1)(c) and (d) regarding the name, and phone number of the parents’ place of employment); and
    b. Section 5(D)(1)(j) regarding the name and phone number of Child’s physician and dentist.
    c. Copy of financial agreement with Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s).
    d. Section 5(D)(1)(i) requiring immunization records
    e. Section 5(D)(1)(h) Dates of enrollment and termination.