**Reminder to check with Licensing, if there is any question, to be sure a training will be accepted by them in meeting Facility Licensing Rule required training. Currently training offered by MRTQ PDN and FCCAM are accepted by licensing.

A. Child Care Facility Responsibility. The Child Care Facility is responsible for ensuring that all Child Care Staff Members are familiar with the operation of the Child care and understand the relevant requirements of this rule.

  1. All Child Care Staff Members must receive training regarding fire drill and other emergency and disaster procedures within the first week of service.

B. Orientation training. All Child Care Staff Members must receive training in the following areas within the first ninety days of service:

  1. 10-148 CMR Ch. 32, Child Care Facility Licensing Rule – Child Care Center, Nursery Schools, Small Child Care Facilities
  2. The program’s policies and procedures;
  3. Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID), Shaken Baby Syndrome, and safe sleep practices;
  4. Administration of Medication and parental consent (Child Care Staff Members may not administer Medication until training has occurred);
  5. Prevention of and response to food and allergy emergencies;
  6. Building and physical premise safety;
  7. Communicable diseases, infectious disease prevention and control Universal Safety Precautions and Blood Borne Pathogens;
  8. Handling and storage of Hazardous material and disposal of Bio-contaminants;
  9. Transportation of Children (if the individual will be responsible for the transportation of Children; required biannually thereafter);
  10. Adult and pediatric first aid with hands-on skills demonstration;
  11. Adult and pediatric Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with hands-on skills demonstration;
  12. Department-approved mandated reporter training;
  13. For programs serving 13 or more Children, training in the program’s health care plan as developed by the program’s Health Care Consultant.

C. Ongoing Training. All Child Care Facilities must ensure the appropriate number of hours of ongoing training for Child Care Staff Members.

  1. All Child Care Staff Members must register with Maine’s Professional Development Network.
    a. Annual training must include a review of health and safety topics, as offered by Maine’s state approved Professional Development Network.
    b. Ongoing training must include Department-approved mandated reporter retraining at least once every four years, in accordance with 22 MRS §4011-A(9).
  2. The annual number of hours of training required is determined by the size of the program and number of hours the Child Care Staff Member works per week, as below:

a. All training, including Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification hours, will be counted toward the requirement for the year it was completed.
b. The calculation of training hours per year must be based upon the date of issuance of the license for Child Care Facilities.
c. Required training for new Child Care Staff Members will be prorated based on months of employment.
d. In order to count towards the required number of training hours per year, training must reflect current research of best practices relating to skills necessary for the Child care workforce to meet the needs of Children and be appropriate for population of Children served by the Child Care Facility. Training topics may include but are not limited to, healthy, safe environments; Child development; observation and assessment; developmentally appropriate practice; guidance; relationships with families; individual and cultural diversity; Children with special needs, business and professional development; or Child care practices.

D. Documentation of training. The program must document all orientation and ongoing training of all staff by proof of completion from a qualified on-line or in-person source.