Let’s start with your Contract…

You will want your contract to be as clear as possible. You have the right to run your business as you wish, as long as complying with the current Licensing Rule for FCC. You can make changes at any time to your contract. Just be sure you inform clients of these changes and get they signature stating their awareness.

You will need a:

Registration Form* which is required to include: (Please note that we use “guardian” to replace parent/ mother/ father. Today’s families take many shapes and the use of guardian covers all those with the legal responsibility of a child.)

  • Child’s name, birth date, street address and mailing address;
  • Name, street address, mailing address and telephone number of the child’s legal guardians;
  • Places of employment, telephone number, and street address of the child’s guardians’ employers;
  • Method of contacting the guardians while the child is in care;
  • Name, street address and telephone number of an emergency contact other than the guardians, for use in the event of an emergency, if the parents cannot be reached;
  • Dates of enrollment and termination;
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the child’s physician;
  • Written authorization to obtain emergency medical care for the child

2) Financial Agreement – make 2 copies getting complete signatures on both (1 for guardian to have and 1 for your records); include end of service date. Licensing requires all records being kept on file for 2 years following last date of care.

3) Permission to Use a Child’s Likeness – most think this is just about social media. It includes any usage of a child’s likeness anywhere by you. That includes within your space for indicating cubbies, or a program’s friends bulletin board. Also includes guardian’s right to deny usage.

4) Release Authorization for Non-Guardian Pick-up*

5) Authorization to Dispense Medication (prescription and non-prescription)

6) Health Record/ Immunizations* – The State of Maine requires a copy of a child’s official immunization 
record be kept on site. Or a 
signed letter stating your religious or philosophical reasons. Or a note from a doctor 
stating that medical contradictions exist. As a private business you can also decide whether you wish to follow this or require immunizations to attend your program.

7) Legal Guardian Signature form – indicates that all legal guardians of the child have been informed of the Licensing Rule requirements and how your program has met them

You might also like to include a signature form for use of play equipment at your program. Check out our information and template for Use of High-Risk Equipment.

*Include these forms with your emergency notebook/travel bag. They are important to have on hand if you need to leave your program with children in care because of an emergency.

The Licensing Rule also requires that a variety of records be maintain on site. Any record pertinent to a child must be maintained for 2 years after their discharge from care. These records include the following:

  • Immunization records
  • Serious injuries and reportable incidents sustained by the child while in care, recorded on the same day of the injury and including the date and time of the notification of a parent, signed by the parent within 48 hours of the incident; Developmental Assessments
  • Complete record if suspected child abuse or neglect is reported to the Department’s child protective intake
  • Daily attendance list that includes all children served, including the arrival and departure time for each child
  • Record of fire drills, available for inspection by the Maine Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal and DHHS Licensing.