Tech Tool Help

Using Zoom for Conference Calls/Meetings

Taking advantage of today’s technology tools is especially important for family child care providers. We have limited time and resources and need to make the most of what we have. Conference calls allow for connections between individuals statewide. They allow for sharing materials and more natural live discussion. The conference calls are free and there is no travel involved.

The initial barrier to join an online community using conference calls is the comfort level with engaging with the technology. The next barrier is broadband issues. We understand, as we have all experienced that first attempt at connecting. We are also still learning how best to make use of this tool. Zoom allows for computer or tablet access, as well as just phone access. While the computer is best as it provides the most complete use of the technology, if you can only join by phone, know all materials are shared outside the call through email also.

First, you do not need a Zoom account to join zoom meetings. The host has the account and will sent you an invitation with all the contact information.

Here are some tutorials you can access to help acclimate you to what Zoom is and how it works.

2:30 minute video that follows step by step how to join first meeting on your computer.

Discussion of how to join a zoom meeting/call through an email invite, and from a landline or mobile phone.

If joining by smartphone (iphone or android) you will need to have the app installed. This short video walk you through steps for both phones.

How to configure your computer for Audio and Video if you experience issues when first join.

Prefer a written sheet of direction? We have a step by step for both computer and phone written out ready to help you.