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Confidentiality, especially around the safety of children, is a concern that is always important to be addressing. Providing trainings that shares knowledge around best practices with children requires images of children to facilitate informed discussions. FCCAM asks those attending our trainings to be respectful of confidentiality both during “live” trainings and in future viewing of archived webinars.

Individual presenters have secured “permission to use likenesses” for any images of children from their programs that will be shared within their educational presentation. This aligns with the current State of Maine Family Child Care Provider Licensing Rule requirement on distribution of images.

All content provided in trainings developed by FCCAM or for the expressed purpose of the Family Child Care Association presenting as part of its offered trainings is considered to be under Copyright and is not to be shared outside the specific training.

Think of the FCCAM “Training Resources” as your go to for finding local face-to-face training opportunities, online trainings from FCCAM, offerings by outside agencies in Maine and nationally. 

Communities of Practice in Maine

Online Transportation Courses

Mandated Reporter

Shaken Baby / Purple Crying

Safe Sleep

Maine Agency Offering Trainings

Free NAFCC Webinars

National Organization Online Trainings – All organizations found on this link offer trainings that have been accepted by Maine Licensing in fulfillment of licensing requirements.

Special One Time / Time Sensitive Trainings