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Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey

From MRTQ PDN to all child care providers ~

Maine Roads to Quality Professional Development Network (MRTQ PDN) invites you to complete our biennial Professional Development Needs Assessment. This survey can be accessed on your desktop, tablet, or phone and should take about 15 minutes to complete. This survey is optional, but your input is greatly appreciated. The information from this survey will be used to help guide and improve future trainings, technical assistance offerings, and support from MRTQ PDN.

The survey is available in six languages which you can access by clicking the survey link and using the drop-down option at the top right corner of the page.

The survey will close on Saturday, April 30th at 11:59pm

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We look forward to sharing the results with you this summer.

Access the survey here:

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Constantian, Statewide Evaluation Manager, at

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Business Practices Training

UPDATE (12/22/21): APPLICATION is now available! Submit application by January 14, 2022. Those selected will be notified by January 22, 2022.

FCCAM has encouraged providers to be looking for and opening the weekly “Shortcuts” email that comes from MRTQ PDN. It’s a longer email, but easy to scan through. It shares tons of information about training opportunities all in one place. We are sharing information from the 12/15/21 “Shortcuts” just in case you missed it.

MRTQ PDN is offering a pilot of the Strengthening Business Practices for Child Care Programs Initiative.

This unique professional development opportunity includes a virtual training series with an additional two meetings in the form of a Community of Practice, specifically for those participating in the pilot. These COPs will focus on business practices allowing time for peer-to-peer support, sharing of knowledge, and problem-solving.

Additionally, upon successful completion of this pilot program, participants will be offered on-site consultation and will receive a Quality Improvement Award of computer hardware and/or software.

This free training is open to family and center-based child care as well as to out-of-school time programs.

The goal of the training is to strengthen program leaders’ foundational knowledge of fiscal terms, concepts, and practices.

The four modules on this virtual training will focus on:

  • Developing a budget and using it for decision-making throughout the year, 
  • Understanding how to project business costs, generate additional income, and plan strategically for future goals,  
  • Using fiscal reports and understanding internal controls to strengthen your program’s fiscal health,  
  • Using data and articulating features and benefits of your program for marketing purposes 
  • Understanding best practices for hiring and training staff and becoming familiar with developing a staff handbook and strategies for staff feedback.

Virtual sessions will be held 6:30 to 8:30 pm on:

  • Feb ’22: 2nd & 16th
  • March ’22: 2nd, 16th & 30th
  • April ’22: 13th & 27th
  • May ’22: 11th

Community of Practice meetings to be held in March and May are TBA for evening or Saturday morning.

For more detailed information check out the Strengthening Business Practices Talking Points.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Bergeron, Statewide Quality Initiatives Manager at

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What’s Important About “SHORTcuts”?

All child care providers, whether they are licensed-exempt, FCC providers, center directors or any child care staff are required under the active Licensing Rules for FCC and Facilities to join the state’s Registry that MRTQ PDN handles. Part of being on the registry means you will receive “SHORTScuts” a weekly e-newsletter. It usually hits inboxes on Wednesdays.

Why should you care if it’s in your spam box or not?

Most of us get too many emails to deal with as busy providers. With our limited time to do required and recommended record keeping, when checking emails it’s just so easy to trash ones we see as unimportant to our daily work. And the ones already in the spam box are really easy to ignore. You want to check out SHORTScuts before you trash it. Yes, it’s a longer email, but you can quickly scroll through it only stopping at items of interest.

The weekly SHORTScuts is the best place to see what is happening in the wider ece field for trainings. MRTQ PDN has the ability to gather resources on training opportunities that no other organization or agency in Maine does. With SHORTScuts they have pulled together news about local, state and national training opportunities. If you see a training opportunity of interest you can easily access more information from the link buttons included in the descriptions. They also share informational updates, usually at the beginning of the e-newsletter.

Still don’t think you’ll have time to deal with checking your email for this weekly e-newsletter? That’s ok. MRTQ PDN has the publications from March 2020 to the latest SHORTScut e-newsletter on their website. You can always just go there.

The weekly SHORTScuts e-newsletter comes from: Be sure to adjust your email’s recognition of this, so the email doesn’t sit in your spam box.

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CCDF Health and Safety Orientation Training

*Updated 7/2021 ~~

Questions have arisen about the Health and Safety Orientation training following the email providers recently received about the upcoming Child Care Stabilization Grants.

Here are some points for providers to consider:

To meet requirements to apply for this stabilization grant opportunity all owners, directors, and staff have to complete the State approved health and safety training within 90 days of hire. This training is the free 6 hr Health & Safety Orientation training reached through MRTQ PDN On-Demand. For providers and staff that have been working longer than the 90 days of hire, we believe you will also need to have this training completed.

If you participate in the subsidy program you have had to complete this training, and also complete the annual review training.

If you have opened your program in the past few years you probably took this training as it has been part of pre-licensing requirements.

Having read through the QRIS pilot report, this training was noted as a requirement to maintain Star 2 and up. (Rising Stars for ME has not yet been formally adopted and introduced yet to providers. It is expected to be rolled out Fall 2021.)

When you go to register for this training if you cannot enroll it means you have already taken it and MRTQ has that information. If you are needing to take the annual renewal that is time/date sensitive and you cannot take it before your previous year is met.

*Note: the training title is now CCDF Health and Safety Orientation. It previous was dated and CCDF was not included. It has been the top training listed on the On-Demand site.

To access the CCDF Health and Safety Orientation Training, begin by logging into the MRTQ Registry. If you haven’t joined the Registry yet you will need to do that first. Here’s how to join.

Click the “Access” button under Online Training.

You should now find yourself here:

If the CCDF Health and Safety Orientation Training is not the first training you see scroll down through the listed trainings.

You will see a button below the training description. It will either be a green “Enroll” or a gray “Completed”. If you see the “completed” button it means at some point your took this training and it’s on your Registry record.

Here’s a working link to MRTQ Registry home page.

If you find yourself with time some day explore your training history on the Registry, check out other trainings available at MRTQ PDN and enroll for anytime access to the QIT Toolkit.