E-H. Personnel Records / Section 5. Record Management and Retention

E. Personnel records. A personnel record must be kept for all Staff Members.

1. Personnel records must be stored in a confidential location.

2. The personnel record must contain:

a. Name, current street and mailing address, birth date and current telephone number;

b. Documentation of training,

c. Dates of employment and termination of Staff Members. Reasons for termination must be kept in the personnel record for a minimum of one year;

d. A statement signed and dated by each Staff Member certifying that the most current licensing rule has been read and understood;

e. A statement signed and dated by each Staff Member, certifying that the Provider personnel policies, admission policies, and Parent handbook have been read and understood;

f. Documentation of any disciplinary action;

g. Documentation of completed background checks in the form of a Provider Letter of Eligibility, issued by the Department, that specifies the Staff Member is Eligible for employment.

3. The Provider must document all orientation and training of all Staff Members by proof of completion from a qualified on-line or in-person source.

F. Household members. Documentation of a background check in the form of a Provider or Staff Member Letter of Eligibility must be available for licensing review for anyone who is 18 years of age or older and resides on the Premises, or who has unsupervised access to Children who are cared for or supervised by the Provider.

G. Record of overcapacity. The Provider must record for the Department the times, reasons and numbers of Children involved when more than 12 Children are cared for as provided in Section 7 of this Rule.

H. Code compliance. The Provider must maintain, and provide to the Department on request, documentation that indicates that the Provider complies with local codes and ordinances, including zoning, or a statement from the locality that no approval is required.

** State Letter and Form: Compliance with Local Zoning And Building Ordinances

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